Benefit of Heat Therapy for Back Pain, Knee Pain, Neck Pain and Period Pain

The Hotty Pack is a wheat pack designed to help relieve muscle pain and soothe sore joints. The wheat is sourced from 100% specially selected Australian wheat so is all natural. To use the Hotty Packs, place the pack in the microwave and heat for a minute. If the pack is not to the temperature that you prefer, continue heating it while checking every 30 seconds until the temperature is right. The Hotty Pack is re-usable so it is affordable relief for ongoing muscle aches and pains.

The Hotty Pack can ease back pain, knee pain, neck pain and period pain. It is tailored to work on each area through special designs in the heat pack that conforms to the body. With each specially designed heat pack, it is simple to apply to the source of the pain without having to worry about the Hotty Pack becoming dislodged while you relax. Since the Hotty Pack conforms to the body, the Hotty Pack will relieve pain more efficiently.

Back pain can be caused by injuries, stress or inflammation and is a common occurrence in daily life. It can come in the form of muscle, ligament or joint pain. The initial treatment for back pain would be to rest or lighten the workload and stress to the back then apply hotty packs to the afflicted area to temporarily relieve the pain. The Hotty Pack works in a way to reduce the inflammation in the back and allow more blood flow to the afflicted area allowing the pain to dissipate and the problem to heal faster.

Knee pain can be caused by a sudden injury, an overuse injury or through an underlying condition such as arthritis. Each symptom can cause pain, swelling and stiffness. Through the use of the Hotty Pack, pain is temporarily relieved. Swelling and stiffness subsides as of the heat from the hottypacks causes the blood vessels to dilate, increasing blood flow which will allow the body to heal faster.

The Hotty Pack can relieve neck pain that reduce the range of motion, stiffness from being in the same position and muscle aches. The heat from the Hotty Pack increases the blood flow to the neck and allows the body to heal itself, removing the stiffness and the muscle aches. Our V-neck Hotty Pack is the ideal heat pack to use on the neck as it can hook around the base of the neck and apply heat to the painful area.

The Hotty Pack heat pack is great for period pain as well as it deals with muscular spasms that cause the pain. The heat pack can also be used by women over many years dealing with the monthly pain caused by periods.

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